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Alumi Composite Fence

Aluminum Composite Fence – What to Know

Once you chose composite materials, you can expect major weight savings. Compared to woods and metals, these materials tend to be light in weight. This lightness is also important to fencing needs.

If you are interested in installing an aluminum composite fence, then this post is for you.

What Is an Aluminum Composite Fence?

As you probably know, aluminum is the sixth most ductile metal and send most malleable. This material is often used as an allow due to its strength. Alloys when combined with other metals like silicon, magnesium, manganese, and copper are known to be lightweight yet strong.

Metal composite materials like aluminum come with two metal skins that are being bonded to the insulating core. That is to form a composite sandwich panel, which is typically used in the building’s external cladding. Then, this wall cladding will serve as superb protection against dampening and as a wind barrier.

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